Artoons is a Sister Concern of DIFE
Welcome to Artoons
A typical human brain functions on low capacity, and it’s amazing but true that most people are not using their brain efficiently; a normal brain uses 40% of its capacity. Most people have simply not learned to ‘turn on’ the higher cognitive abilities when the time is right. Most people are unfamiliar and unaware of the ‘Brain gym exercise’ and our ‘Specially designed Test Papers’ which help a lot in improving concentration, memory power, logical powers and emotional stability and are specially very effective in growing age as childhood. ‘Brain gym Exercises’ are 25 movements designed by Dr. Paul Dennison of U.S.A. and the workshops teaching these exercises are running in over 18 countries around the world.

In today’s world competition is rising high and with it the expectations from the kids.

But due to the modern ways of living children generally are facing some problems like:
  • Sometimes kids learn well but are not able to retain it for long.
  • They are not been able to concentrate for long.
  • They are either hyper-active or too slow in general day to day activities.
  • They are intelligent but make silly mistakes in exams.
  • They are too shy to show their talents.

If the child is facing any of these problems, Artoons is the right place for him/her
Because in today’s world children need something extra over others and at Artoons:
Simple exercises… Interesting tests… Excellent results… Unlock the potential...
The Primary outcomes of the unique course, Artoons:

  • Builds critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Develops logic and reasoning skills.
  • Improves brain function and accuracy.
  • Better and longer concentration and focus.
  • Speech and language development and emotional managment.
  • Better academic results.

Turning Good Brains into Brilliant

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Latest News & Events

1.Dear parents,
'Aakar-kreative krafts' presents to you "Painting & Handicraft workshop" by the very talented artist,Mrs.Moushumi Roy, from 22 May-12 June,Monday-Friday 11am at Artoons.
2.Dear parents, We are glad to invite you to 'tell and spell' competition for kids. The age group invited is 6 to 12 years. A written test will be taken at 4 levels Easy, Kid, Medium and Difficult, according to the age of the child. Question Ex.: Level Kid
> Which is our national bird? Ans. Peacock.
> Duration : 1 Hour
Call: 7503210955, 9873633445
Participation prize will be given to every child and winners will get certificates and attractive prizes!
3.Dear parents,
we have added new clasees to Artoons,
Brain gym classes Saturday n Sunday,
Maths made Easy and Spoken English on Tuesday n Thrusday,
Play School and Day Care,
Abacus Classes,
After School Programme,
Play Zone.

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